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Meet Shyanne Orvis

 We're incredibly excited to be collaborating with Brand Ambassador Shyanne Orvis for our recent launch of the  FLEXFORM GLOVE

Shyanne's unwavering commitment to educating and inspiring the fly-fishing community is infectious while her love for the outdoors is evident through her passionate efforts in outreach opportunities. We had the opportunity to sit down with Shyanne and ask a few questions about life, motherhood and her fly fishing journey. 

FRDM: What are your roots in fly fishing? Where did it all begin?

Shyanne: I spent the majority of my childhood in Michigan, chasing salmon and steelhead with my parents. They were avid conventional anglers, so all my early memories in life include a pink barbie rod and countless hours spent on the water. It wasn't until my teenage years that I picked up fly fishing and once I did, there was no looking back.

FRDM: When did you get into guiding and why did you choose that career path?

Shyanne: I actually started guiding a lot sooner than I anticipated. I had only spent a few years on my local rivers when a friend of mine had shared with me a newspaper clipping of a job opening as a fly shop associate. I applied for it thinking it would be a great opportunity to learn and be surrounding by other passionate anglers. A few months into the season, my co-workers and boss encouraged me to step into guiding and after a few trips, I knew that guiding was what I was meant to do. It's a beautiful experience getting to connect with people and share the very thing you love the most. 


FRDM: Do you have any tips for people who are just getting started in fly fishing?

Shyanne: Fly fishing isn't an easy sport to learn. There's a lot of different variables and it tends to be a little overwhelming for people just getting started. It's important to utilize your local fly shop and their knowledge on gear, flies and the fisheries near you. When you do get out on the water, make sure you slow down. Read the water, notice the bugs, maybe you'll see a few fish feeding. Take a moment to really absorb everything around you. You'll catch a lot more fish by not rushing the process. 

FRDM: You recently became a mother, how has this shifted your perspective on life and perhaps fly fishing?

Shyanne: Becoming a mother has made me realize the importance of having and maintaining your passion. Being a parent is beautiful but also really hard. Now more than ever before, fly fishing is what helps keeps me grounded. Motherhood has also taught me the importance of introducing Colter to the things I love. I've already incorporated Colter into a few of my adventures, but I can't wait to truly immerse him into these experiences. Our world is evolving rapidly and It's so important for kids to play and explore. Sharing fly fishing with Colter will be beautiful but more importantly, I hope this exposure to the outdoors will inspire him to protect it. 

FRDM: We are so excited about this collaboration with you. What inspired you to help create the Flexform glove?

Shyanne: I'm really grateful for this opportunity! It's been years in the making and I can't believe we are finally bringing this vision to life. By coming together we were able to create a glove that was meant for withstanding harsh sun, biting bugs, line burn and handling toothy critters. I wanted a glove that could do it all. From targeting Trout in the mountains and rowing the Colorado river, to chasing Tarpon in the keys and huge Peacock Bass in the jungle. This glove will go everywhere with me. 

Here's a look at what Shyanne had to say about the FLEXFORM GLOVE

 "As an ambassador for FRDM, I look forward to even more adventures with my FRDM products. With my FRDM gloves with me, I don't have to worry about the outside elements preventing me from pursing my passion and having to sacrifice performance and warmth. I'm excited to partner with a brand that shares the same appreciation for the outdoors. With FRDM along side me, I'm able to further my career as a fly fishing guide, a mentor with Fish For Change and an inspiration to aspiring anglers while staying authentic to the things I love."

Check out the New FLEXFORM GLOVE!