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Wyatt Kiedrowski
Amazing Gloves. Even better customer service.

The Gloves: I have been using these gloves for about 4 seasons and have become the best gloves I have ever owned in my 20+ years of snowboarding. The zippered opening is a game changer. It's convenient for using your fingers to adjust something or check your phone on the go. It's also great to cool off your hands if they start to get warm. I will wear these gloves in almost every condition, even when it's a bit warm because of the zipper. The only days I switch gloves is on very warm spring days. They are made of very durable material and still going strong after 4+ years. FRDM also has a lifetime guarantee on their products. I would recommend their gloves to anyone. They may seem expensive, but they are worth every penny.

The Service: I had a minor issue with the gloves and reached out the the FRDM team. They were very communicative, helpful, and totally fixed my issue. I felt that they really went above and beyond to help me. They truly stand behind their products and care about their customers.

Enrique Bougeois III

As an avid outdoorsman, I’ve owned a few pairs of cold weather gloves. They have all left me wanting warmer ones and always having to supplement them with hot hands products. These gloves always deliver warmth all on their own They are unbelievable in that respect. The zipper function is superb. All other gloves I have owned fall short in all aspects. So blessed to have found this company.

Love God Fear Nothing.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, we are happy to hear you are enjoying the mittens.
FRDM Team!

Brandy Taylor
Best gloves for skiing

These mittens were a game changer when it comes to using ski poles. Being able to unzip the glove and use my fingers comes in handy for snow many reasons, especially gettin on and off the lift! I purchased the inner glove as well and I couldn’t be happier! Husband got the exact same set up. Stoked they are guaranteed for life! Seems like a great product so far!

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, we are so happy you and your husband are enjoying the gloves.
FRDM Team!

great gloves!


Thank you so much for the positive feedback, we are happy to hear you are enjoying the mittens.
FRDM Team!

Gregg Schachterle
Open cockpit pilot

This is my third year to use the Evolve Snow Mittens. Last week I flew in 21° weather in Nebraska--in my OPEN cockpit aircraft! This may be the coldest winter sport in North America--take the temperature MINUS 30 mph and higher wind chill, that equals COLD in the northern states! have purchased many gloves but these are the best by a comfortable margin. Depending on your cold sensitivity, you may want to wear liners (FRDM Vigor liners work well) underneath the mittens if you are will not be active for some time: ie sitting in a tree stand. Once I'm in the air, I can't afford to have cold fingers. Operating aircraft controls, radio and phone demand dexterity and the zippers allow for that. The feature of unzipping and zipping is genius! I am a research nerd, in my opinion, these gloves are a great value for the dollar. Worth every penny.

Gregg- Thank you so much for the feedback and sharing your positive experience with the mittens in frigid weather.