FRDM gloves sizing is uniform across all models. Gloves will only fit well and feel good if you have the right size.  Hands come in all sizes and shapes so making sure to get the best fit for your gloves is important. 


Length: Measure from the base of your palm, where it meets your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.


Width: Measure your dominant hand across the palm of your hand right below your fingers.



  • For woman shopping FRDM gloves it is safe to err on the side of smaller sizing based on your measurements.
  • Usually when measuring you will narrow down your options to two sizes, we recommend sizing down for a snug fit to allow for stretch and proper use of the convertible features in all our models.
  • Concentrate on the length over the width as hand length is more important and you don’t want gloves that are too long.

If you still are unsure on sizing please shoot us an email at or give us call at 1-888-355-3736  so we can help.