FRDM is a passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts who believe in working hard and playing harder. We thrive on finding the road less traveled and spend as much time as possible outdoors. From hiking and fishing to snow sports and travel, our adventures led us to FRDM, and we are changing the way people wear gloves

Our unique designs allow wearers to access their hands and fingers without removing their gloves, providing full dexterity without sacrificing comfort or warmth. Whether it’s snapping a picture or adjusting your gear, FRDM gloves offer both protection from the elements and access to experience. Our gloves stay out of the way so you can find yours. 

FRDM products are made in a world-class facility which produces some of the highest performing merchandise on the planet. We are committed to redefining quality and helping you Explore. Engage. Evolve.

The Story Behind FRDM

A Letter From Our Founder

I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember. It was a gateway to the outdoors and a way for me to learn the value of going off the beaten path. Whether I ended up down a dead-end dirt road or spent an afternoon hiking the familiar trails of Mammoth, there was always something new to discover.

When I’m on the water – or anywhere outdoors – there’s nothing else on my mind. It’s absolute presence, and there’s no room for distraction. The to-do lists drop away, curiosity takes hold, and I’m able to reconnect with who I am.

At first glance, a glove may seem simple. A piece of gear that is necessary, utilitarian, and for many people a luxury. But within those realities I saw there was space to create something better. FRDM could be a container to hold all the things most important to me – giving back, connecting people to what they love, and inspiring them to go outside and explore.

I knew I could improve the experience for outdoor adventurers – one where gear didn’t get in the way. From skiing and snowboarding to fishing and cycling, I envisioned our gloves as a bridge between the modern world and the beauty of nature.

What I never imagined was how much FRDM would impact people’s everyday lives. I’ve heard from postal workers, fast food workers, and even sommeliers who wear our gloves on the job. I’ve received letters from people with circulatory disorders who are finally able to keep their hands warm while moving through their day-to-day. FRDM quickly became about so much more than the outdoors, and I’ve been lucky to connect with different kinds of people all over the world.

During my fifteen years in the corporate world, the most rewarding part of my career was reinvesting in the community. Like my love for the outdoors, the importance of giving back was part of my childhood and continues to be the pulse of everything I do. With FRDM, that means donating gloves to those in need and participating in outreach efforts to ensure people stay warm. It also means giving back to the planet by using sustainable and recycled materials and reducing our environmental footprint.

These gloves are a tribute to everything I love. They are about more than fishing, and more than a passion for the outdoors. FRDM is personal; something you chase, find, and create. Thank you for trusting us with your hands, and making us part of your adventure.

With Love and Gratitude,

Taryn Vidovich
Founder & CEO

The Technology Behind FRDM

The Technology