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Trust FRDM Convertible Gloves To Keep Your Hands Warm Around The Water

If you're like us, few things in this world compare to that first cast at your favorite fishing hole or those first few paddles as you set out in your kayak on a brisk morning. It's just such mornings that the right pair of gloves will make a huge difference, and we just weren't satisfied with the gloves that were on the market. That's why we created FRDM gloves to keep you comfortable without slowing you down. For adventure around the water consider the Free Fit & Hybrid gloves as well as the Vigor Liners. Each pair has their own characteristics to ensure you find the perfect set of gloves for your needs.

For a lightweight, everyday glove, the Vigor liners are a popular choice for activities ranging from fishing and hiking to boating, running errands, or just going for a run. Not only are the index finger and thumb equipped with touchscreen conductive finger caps, they also provide slip-through instant access.

For something a little heavier, check out our Hybrid three-finger gloves or the Free Fit Gloves with hidden magnets to keep the finger caps out of your way. Like all FRDM gloves, these have been extensively tested and engineered to withstand the most demanding adventures. Instead of just telling you how well-made these gloves are, we stand behind every pair with a lifetime guarantee.

What Makes FRDM Gloves Different?

Every so often, you come across a product that was developed to meet a need that no other product on the market met. Back in the 1920s, Swedish roads were destroying every car that tried to navigate them, so Volvo was born. Similarly, FRDM gloves were born because no other glove design was sufficient. We're outdoor enthusiasts who place high expectations and demands on our gear. We needed a durable glove that not only kept your hands warm but also allowed for unrestricted dexterity for your fingers. And so, we set out to define the convertible glove. On our warm snow gloves, a waterproof zipper quickly allows your hand to be free without the hassle of removing the entire glove. For fishing, hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor adventures, our lighter gloves allow for quick use of your fingertips. All FRDM gloves are made from top-quality material in a world-class facility and guaranteed for life. Get yours today and consider giving FRDM gloves as a gift.