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Function & Style Meet In the FRDM Snow Glove Collection

From epic ski and snowboard trips to a friendly snowball fight, the right winter snow gloves are often the difference between joy and discomfort. Of course, snow gloves come with an array of challenges. They must keep your hands warm in the coldest situations, which makes them thick. But that thickness gets in the way of other things like taking pictures, getting ahold of friends or family on the phone, and a host of other necessities. That's where FRDM convertible snow gloves come in.

Choose from top-quality convertible snow gloves and mittens to ensure that your hands stay comfortably warm during the next winter adventure in the snow. FRDM snow gloves are made with genuine goat leather and High Pile Silky Fleece for unparalleled performance. And, when your friend texts you that they're running late, simply unzip the TPU-Coated waterproof zipper to quickly text back without fully removing the gloves or mittens. From a quick snack to that perfect winter wonderland photograph, these convertible snow gloves make it all easy and comfortable. For the absolute coldest conditions, you may want a set of Vigor Liners to go with your snow gloves, and consider the Free Fit Gloves for medium duty projects and adventure this winter. Whichever set of FRDM gloves you choose, you're sure to appreciate the unmatched quality, durability, and versatility.

Why Should Your Next Pair Of Snow Gloves Be From FRDM?

Have you ever found yourself on that first cold morning of fall scrambling through the closest box store or even a convenience store to grab a pair of gloves for your frozen hands? If so, you probably already know that not all gloves are equal. Some look warmer than they really are and others just don't stand up to the rigors of everyday use or outdoor adventure. Even when you do find a pair that keeps your hands sufficiently warm, you still have to take them off every time your phone rings or you need to adjust your tunes.

This is why we've spent the last several years developing and testing FRDM snow gloves in the real world. From the demanding conditions of premier ski and snowboard resorts to snowmobiling in thick, fluffy snow, these convertible gloves have proven themselves time and again. The waterproof zipper across the back of each FRDM snow glove and mitten allows you to quickly and conveniently free up your hand. That way, it's easy to take care of details like your phone, grabbing keys, shooting a few pictures, or sending your drone up for an even better view. It all adds up to the defining convertible snow glove on the market today.