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MB Siff
Just what I needed

These gloves work perfectly while handling boxes in a cold environment and needing to use a keypad.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, we are happy to hear you are the gloves.
FRDM Team!

mark tubbs
Great glove and customer service

I bass fish in N. Idaho and eastern WA, so cold weather is a given. These gloves are great for fishing, by themselves or paired with a liner (recommend the Vigor liners). The gloves are lightweight with good dexterity while being warm enough, with a liner, for those days that the temp hovers around freezing. These are my second pair of FRDM's. I had the lightweight hybrid gloves previously. FRDM is my go-to for fishing gloves. Great customer service from the team as well.

Thank you so much for the detailed and positive feedback on the free fit gloves!

Tom Mont
Revised review

I bought the Lightweight Hybrid gloves last winter and used the about three times. The following review pertains to those gloves. I mistakenly wrote my review for the wrong gloves. After giving the Lightweight Hybrids a 2 star rating, FRDM followed up with me and refunded my purchase I must give FRDM 5 stars for customer service and standing by the quality of their products. I did not ask for a refund, and did not expect one. My only intention was to give honest feedback and suggestions for improvement. This is how a company should be run. I applaud FRDM and am sure they will consider all comments in order to improve their merchandise.
“The gloves (Lightweight Hybrid) are well made and kept me warm when the finger tips were closed. However, as fishing gloves, the problem is the use of fabric rather than a plastic coating in the fingers is a big problem because the hook point and barb get stuck in the fabric. Utility gloves that are plastic/smooth coated work much better.”
P. S. I am from the U.S.A. not Melbourne.

We are sorry to hear the gloves did not meet your needs with the hook and fabric combination. Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated.


Mel B.
Great for photography

Perfect for photographing on cold days. Not perfect, but I dont think anything is - especially for me who has Raynauds. Spent 5 hours photographing bald eagles in cold northeast winter weather, and these were great. Soft, long down my wrists into my coat sleeves, and pretty warm - especially if you shove a handwarmer inside. The fingertips are awesome for peeling back to work dials on a camera. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat if they got lost.

Mary N.

They fit perfect in the hand and finger area. Tight squeeze in the wrist when putting them on.

Hi Mary! Thanks so much for the positive feedback, we appreciate it so much!