The Best Mountain Biking Destinations in the United States

Mountain Biking United States

The open road is one of the United States' most alluring qualities, and the same can be said for its vast trails dedicated to the awesome activity that is mountain biking. 

With many people investing thousands of dollars into their mountain biking gear, it makes sense that people would search for the best places to tear up the trail.

 The exhilarating freedom of tires to pavement across the varying climates, terrains, and pathways across the United States makes it one of the best places to get on that bike seat and take off. 

Here is a list of the best places to mountain bike in the United States, and how they may provide the thrill you are looking for. 


Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah brings veteran mountain bikers, competitive mountain biking events, and an IMBA Ride Center.

All roads lead to downtown, as the veins of the complex trails majorly begin from there, all leading into varying types of scenic views and mountain paths. 

If you know exactly where you wish to begin then take advantage of the lift bump that can take you from A to B to conserve energy. 


Crested Butte, Colorado

The origins of mountain biking take root in this gorgeous area of Colorado that travels into Marin County, CA if you like endurance runs. 

The beautiful smell of alpines, amazing views of the open greenery, and a peaceful town built near the mountain that provides excellent food for tourists and travelers. 

If you want a truly memorable mountain biking experience, then travel to Crested Butte, Colorado.


Sedona, Arizona

Arizona is wholly considered to be “God’s Country” for the beautiful desert views, amazing rock formations, and some of the greatest mountain bike trails technical riders.

The main track wraps around the town and takes you around the area through rocky trails and desert vibes. The popularity of Sedona as a place for mountain bikers has increased the town's adoption of many trails that were once considered illegal.  


Brevard, North Carolina

One of the first colonies to be adopted into the United States is also home to a beautiful backcountry filled to the brim with mountain bike trails that inspire magic. 

The Appalachian Mountains complement the dense foliage as a rider can easily forget they even live in the 21st century. 

Some of the best spots to mountain bike are Black Mountain, Laurel Mountain, and Dupont State Forest trails.  


Moab, Utah

Perhaps one of the oldest towns in Utah, Moab is a magical place that offers beautiful views of the deserts as well as some of the best biking trails available in the state. 

Besides the already complex woven network of mountain biking trails, Moab also has new trails being developed on an annual basis providing new thrill for veterans and beginners. 

There's also a quaint town, trails that run for miles, and world-famous Slickrock riding. Moab has been deemed the Mountain Bike Capital of the United States on numerous occasions, and all for good merit. 


Sun Valley, Idaho

With over 700 miles of a single-track mountain biking offering, Sun Valley, Idaho is a go-to place for endurance riders looking for a real long challenge. 

Tourism is started to truly boom as more riders flock to Sun Valley to take advantage of the long trails circulated by an equally popular ski resort.

Some of the best trails include Chocolate Gulch, Adam’s Gulch Loop, and Fox creek. 


Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is home to some of the best single-track mountain bike trails spanning hundreds of miles including many obstacles and dirt jumps.

The Mount Bachelor downhill mountain bike park is surrounded by many breweries, restaurants, and bike shops that can help any rider to get motivated to ride.


Grand Valley, Colorado

Colorado is so diverse in its beautiful natural landscape it's no wonder it is listed more than once on this list. Grand Valley has a constantly updated mountain bike trail map, amazing eateries, and mountain bike shops.

Besides the local ski resorts, two new trails near the Grand Mesa have opened offering some great downhill pathways that will get the blood pumping.


Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe has been known as a haven for many individuals looking for a peaceful vacation away from the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mountain biking trails incorporated around mountainsides and through beautiful valleys only boost the experience Lake Tahoe has to offer. 

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a widely known single-track mountain biking path that runs through the most gorgeous areas of Lake Tahoe. There is also an amazing downhill trail at Northstar Resort that can give you the downhill velocity you truly want.

Some other amazing trails are the Flume trail and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. 


Jackson, Wyoming; Victor, Idaho (Wydaho)

Wydaho is a massive mountain biking region that spans from Wyoming to Idaho. It is home to several resorts that are littered around the pathways and even has some great ski spots for experienced skiers. 

During the summer, however, mountain biking takes root and is an ever-evolving phenomenon that keeps Wydaho relevant for veteran riders. 

Grand Targhee Resort has some of the best downhill mountain bike trails in the country and consists of many different types of trails for all types of riders. 


The Bottom Line

Mountain biking in the United States is a radical way to get the most out of the beautiful wilderness in many parts of the country. 

With more different regions all over adapting parts of their local regions to dedicated mountain biking trails, now more than ever to riders have such a broad scope of choices to make. 

Whether traversing the rocky desert of Arizona or Colorado, cutting through the dense foliage of North Carolina's backcountry, or navigating from Wyoming to Idaho on amazing scenic trails, the United States is primo for this activity.