FRDM Donation Program with CAPOC

FRDM Donation Program with CAPOC

 Born of the War on Poverty, Community Action Partnership of Orange County has worked to enhance the quality of life in Orange County since 1965. They boldly address the root causes of poverty and advocate for change through systemic reforms, social justice and racial equity.

Community Action Partnership of Orange County is the biggest food bank in Orange County and service over 200 small soup kitchens, shelters, and churches who pick up food and clothing daily to take back to their local communities. Finding ways to support each other and our communities is so important during difficult times.

We have been honored to work with them for three winter seasons. CAPOC is the perfect partner to help distribute gloves to our houseless neighbors during the winter months.  We work with Lashanda Maze, VP of Philanthropy.

If you are interested in supporting their mission, we encourage you to head to and see different ways you can get involved in your local community. Follow them on Instagram to stay updated!

We hope our gloves inspire you to connect with what you love and help others along the way.