The Best Beach Camping Spots

Best Beach Camping Spots


Camping throughout the United States is an epic experience where nature meets spirit. While searching for a camping spot, considering the beach could bring your total enjoyment up to maximum levels. 

Depending on the area you go to, the types of experiences you want, and if the beach you admire allows campers to sleep, can make your choice a little more complex. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of the best beach camping spots you can find to enjoy the great outdoors as nature intended. 


Sonoma County, California: Wright’s Beach

Along the Pacific Coast Highway up the coast of northern California offers one of the best drives known to modern man as well as one of the best beach camping spots you can find. 

This dog-friendly and relatively inexpensive nightly campsite can be reserved depending on when you want to travel. Wake up to the glistening waters of the Pacific Coast Highway with your pup on deck, drinking hot coffee and pondering your life. What else could be better?


Washington State: Kalaloch Campground

The popularity of Kalaloch campgrounds in Washington state is unparallel to any other in all its gloriously beautiful environment. Thousands of people flock to the beach every year to wake up under the stars and roast marshmallows with the wind. This makes Kalaloch one of the best beach camping spots available. 

Rates begin at $24 to $48 per night depending on a different vehicle, tent, and other factors. 


Wisconsin: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore at Lake Superior 

Spanning 21 beautiful islands hosts some of the best beach camping spots that the great state of Wisconsin can offer. Nearly 18 of these islands allow campers to reserve camping stays starting at $15 per night. Reservations can be made up to 30 days before your camping trip, so prepare those tents and provisions. 


Michigan: Hoffmaster State Park

Hoffmaster State Park in the wonderful state of Michigan offers around 3 miles of shoreline consisting of humungous campsites for curious travelers. As one of the best beach camp spots available, campsites range from $25 to $37 per night. 

At Hoffmaster State Park, you will be just a few short miles from an amazing town with a plethora of restaurants and breweries. 


Louisiana: Grand Isle State Park

Besides offering picturesque shoreline views of the Gulf Coast and being close to the fabulous New Orleans, Grand Isle State Park is home to one of the best beach camping spots available. 

With RV sites, tent sites, electrical hookups, fishing spots, crabbing areas, and hiking trails, Grand Isle State Park can prompt the camper in anyone to come out and play.

Rates start at 18 dollars a night and are well worth the price tag.


Georgia: Sea Camp Campground at Cumberland Island National Seashore

When one thinks of Georgia, rarely do they realize the beautiful shoreline on the remote Cumberland Island as far south as you can go in the peach state. 

With hiking, fishing, purified drinking water, showers, and toilets, the modern amenities of Cumberland Island Sea Campground make it one of the best beach camping spots in the US. 

Although you cannot make your campfire on the beach, there are a plethora of fire pits available for reserved campers who can expect to pay around 22 dollars per night. 

Enjoy the beauty of beach camping from the shoreline of a remote island in the great state of Georgia with advanced reservations up to six months before your trip. 


South Carolina: Hunting Island State Park

South Carolina, one of the US's oldest and beloved states in the southern region of North America is home to one of the best beach camping spots between the cities of Charleston and Savannah. 

The seclusion of the private campsite offering around 100 campsites, RV hookups, and fishing spots. Fees change constantly, so see any open reservation spots on the South Carolina State Park Website. 


North Carolina: The Outer Banks at Cape Lookout National Seashore

If you’re a veteran camper with a rugged demeanor who needs to throw themselves into the wilderness with the fewest amenities possible, then Cape Lookout National Seashore may be the best beach camping spot for you.

The lack of designated campsites can force a camper to be more hands-on in their approach, but the shoreline views and beach areas are unbeatable in the great state of North Carolina. 

As long as your party consists of 25 or fewer people you don't even need a permit to visit and sleep on the beach at this beautiful park.


Maryland: Assateague Island National Seashore

If you want to stay at one of the best beach camping spots surrounded by wild horses, then Assateague Island National Seashore has you covered. 

With over 100 beach-facing campsites peppered amongst the roaming patterns of a seemingly endless number of wild equestrians, feeling the beauty of nature has never been so easy.

Rates begin at 30 dollars per night, so if you are a horse lover, make sure you make a reservation sooner than later.


Florida: Big Pine Key

The Florida Keys are more than just a vacation spot for retired margarita lovers. Big Pine Key in Bahia Honda State Park is home to a beautiful beach camping spot where water meets pleasure as you rest near the crystal-clear water.

Palm tree shade is recommended and advised as you set up your campsite for an estimated $36 per night. You can snorkel, explore tropical islands, or just lay in the smooth sand and enjoy the world. 


The Bottom Line

The US is home to thousands of campsites that can offer different levels of comfort, amenities, attractions, wildlife, and amount of camping fees. If you are a beach lover then you're in luck, as there are some of the best beach camping spots in the world right here in the US.

Explore the tropics in the Florida Keys, visit remote island shorelines in Georgia, or ruff it out with nothing but your cunning to protect you in North Carolina. 

The beach can offer beautiful views, cozy night-fires, amazingly fresh air, swimming, fishing, and comfort as you set up your campsite gazing into the endless azure horizon.